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Winter around the Garden

Don't let the cold keep you inside, there are so many chores we can be doing around the garden, even during wintertime. Basically, a gardener's work is never done!

It's time to grow winter crops and prepare the garden for spring.

  • If you have citrus plants, fertilise them in late July using an all-purpose citrus fertiliser.
  • Early August is the best time to prune roses, hydrangeas and wisteria, so long as you do not live in an area that receives frost.                               
  • With rain comes weeds, so be sure you remove them before they mature and set seed.
  • Sow veggies such as spinach, peas, onions and leeks.
  • Start tomatoes from seed, choosing a warm spot such as a windowsill. Once the soil warms up they can be transported to the garden.
  • Grow some fresh herbs, it's relatively easy and great to have them on hand.

We have a large range of Heirloom Vintage Seeds so choose your favourites, get them planted and enjoy the benefit of growing your own food!


Two shrubs that add a special touch to a winter garden are Daphne and Pieris.


Daphne is a beautiful perfumed shrub which is a definite winter favourite. Native to the hillsides of Japan and China, the tiny flowers and their delicate perfume means this evergreen is a must in the garden. Plant in a spot that receives morning sun and has protection from cold winter winds.


Pieris japonica is another lovely evergreen shrub which does well in cooler climates and loves a shady spot in a wooded garden. (Having said that, mine is growing just fine in a container on a balcony in the city).When in bloom, the shrub is almost completely covered with drooping clusters of small, bell-shaped, waxy, white flowers. The foliage takes up a lovely bronze tinge over winter.

 Happy winter gardening!



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  • Hi I have 3 Lemon Mist Rhododendron the leaves are going yellow & falling off, I’ve just repotted into really large pots, with Yates potting mix with Dynamic lifter in it, I’ve sprinkled Rhododendron & Azalea food also around them, I’ve got them around the side of the house it gets late afternoon Sun ! I’m in Victoria we’ve had lots of rain ! Wondering if they are too wet! Thanks

    Kerry Stotten

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