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The Beauty of Magnolias

When we see Magnolias start to bloom it is a sign that spring is finally on the way! 
Magnolias were originally discovered in the 18th century in the Himalayas and throughout central China, and the plantmen that discovered them, knew they had come across something rather special. This was the first tree discovered that bore such eye-catching flowers on bare branches.

How to care for deciduous magnolias


Magnolias enjoy a temperate climate with a chilly, moist winter followed by a warm, moist summer.


Plant your magnolia in a spot that receives full sun or is partly shady in a northern or eastern spot with shelter from hot afternoon sun, hot winds and late frosts.


Deciduous magnolias prefer rich, well-drained soil that is slightly acidic.


Controlled release fertiliser is best for acid-loving plants, give them a good feed in spring. You can also feed your magnolia in the autumn and winter with a soil improver, to encourage strong root development.


Magnolias require regular watering during their growing season and in hot weather.


Mulch annually in spring to help retain moisture in hot months and return nutrients to the soil.

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